StairStep Breakaway MLM Software is a web-based application that maintains the StairStep MLM plan and to keep track of downline’s incomes and expenditure.


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What is Stair Step Breakaway MLM Software ?

The StairStep Breakaway Plan, also known as stair step breakaway or simply stair step plan, is one of the oldest compensation plans still in use. With Stair Step plan, you can build a network as vast as you want for your front line of distributors.

How Does Stair Step Work?

Basically, it starts like an Unilevel MLM Plan where there is an unlimited number of front line positions. It has a percentage which is assigned to each level as it goes progressively deeper.

As the team grows, there are usually group volume requirements for achieving the rank. Once the team grows larger, the team will “Break Away” and the member will earn a much smaller commission on the whole group instead of maxing out based on the number of levels deep there are in.

The name “Stairstep” comes from the fact that the distributors will advance their rank to reach a certain point within the company to earn a greater commission rate as per the rank. Then they “break away” from their upline and are no longer part of their upline organization. Upon breaking away, a distributor becomes entitled to earn even greater commissions.

The distributor in the Stairstep Breakaway Plan can only attract on one stage, but organization modifies it with certain objectives which will enhance the distributor to grow up to higher stages (stair steps). It also increases the group sale amount. Once the distributor has reached a certain innovative stage, the distributor and his group will break away to a certain level from the immediate sponsor and can generate more

As the income increases based on the team’s growth, the distributor finally breaks away which often causes settling of income until the team grows larger and the small percentage of the group is bigger compared to the level commissions.

The best way to describe it is with an example.

  • When beginning out, there is usually a front-end loading. It implies the supplier needs to buy a variety of items to be part of the company. That results in a garage full of items. This has modified over the years as there is now a cap on initial product investment.
  • Each stairway phase is regarded as a progression in position within the company.
  • Promotion to a new position relies on the revenue (the amount that the distributor earns from the company i.e. his individual volume) and the number of customers/distributors in team who buy from the distributor.
  • As the distributor shifts to the top of the stairways, he is then permitted to break away from the immediate sponsor and run the company individually.

Commission Calculation in StairStep Breakaway MLM Plan

With each step/rank, the distributor is allocated an amount of lower price or refund he generates on his purchase from the company.

For example, the first stage (sales professional level) may generate a 20% discount, the second stage (Distributor), will generate a 25% discount, the third stage (Supervisor) a 30% discount, the fourth stage (Manager) a 35% discount and the fifth stage (National Director) generates a 40% discount.

As the distributor moves steps ahead and gets marketing, his company amount or the discount rates gets improved.

Once the member has achieved Distributor, Supervisor, Manager or National Director position, he needs to maintain the current position (or higher position) for 3 consecutive months to earn a “ONCE-OFF TITLE BONUS”.

If the member slips down a level and later promoted, then again need to maintain the level for 3 full consecutive months to qualify for the once-off title bonus.

Possibilities of Gift Plan MLM Software Commissions .

Level Commission is the amount payable to the distributor based on the sales achieved by the downline members. Unilevel Plan has unlimited direct downlines in the first level and each of those members can have their own unlimited downline members.


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  • Genealogy Tree
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • Multilingual Support
  • Full Responsive
  • Network and Team Explorer
  • Change Sponsor & Repositioning
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Multiple Network View
  • Down-line and Up-line listing
  • Sponsored Members Listing
  • SMS Integrations
  • Rank Advancement
  • Custom Rules for Ranking
  • Income and Expenses Report
  • Multiple Withdrawal Options
  • Multiple Payout Options
  • Theme Switcher
  • Configurable Enrolment Fees
  • Multiple Compensations
  • Business Wallet
  • Business Turnover and Expenses
  • Track Activities
  • Configurable Compensations
  • Customizable Business Plan
  • Unlimited Members
  • Support Ticketing
  • Lead Capturing
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Internal Messaging
  • Transaction Failure and Recovery
  • E-wallet Transfers
  • Live Chat Module
  • Manage User Types
  • CMS
  • Integrated REST API
  • Bitcoin Integration
  • Multiple Wallets
  • Automatic Payout

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